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Despair of the Heary

Hazard: Permanent-Event
Corruption. A non-Wizard, non-Hobbit character receives 2 corruption points. Target character makes a corruption check each time a character in his company becomes wounded. Cannot be duplicated on a given character. During his organization phase, a character with this card may tap to attempt to remove it. Make a roll (or draw a #): if this result is greater than 4, discard this card.

Eh. I'd much prefer yesterday's, except that it's Wizard only, but even then it's a good bit better than this. This happens a bit more frequently but isn't overall as powerful as Lure of Creation. Different characters, first of all. Hobbits are protected, wouldn't matter much anyway considering their corruption bonuses, and so are Wizards, which does matter because you lose the game if a Wizard gets corrupted. Same 2 corruption points, though Wizards and Hobbits are (in my games anyway) the biggest carriers of items so this can very well be the only corruption that the character this is played on has. The corruption check conditions are fairly frequent, since characters are wounded in some games a good deal more often than going to havens, and often happen several times a turn as well. So it looks from the start like a good man corrupter. But there's one catch. There's an extremely good chance the tap removal will put it away, so it can very well last just one turn and scarcely cause any damage, though in places like Mordor it could also cause a huge lot of it. So overall, Despair of the Heart is a card with more frequent conditions than Lure of Creation, but it's so easy to remove that it's usually not much of a danger for very long.
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