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Lure of Creation

Hazard: Permanent-Event
Corruption. A revealed Wizard receives 2 corruption points and makes a corruption check at the end of any movement/hazard phase in a turn during which his company moved to a Haven [H]. Cannot be duplicated on a given Wizard. During his organization phase, a Wizard with this card may tap to attempt to remove it. Make a roll (or draw a #): if this result is greater than 6, discard this card.

This card is sort of like a Weariness of the Heart multiplied a few times to create a fierce corruption-checker. The obvious focus of this card on corrupting a Wizard and therefore trying to win the game automatically makes it have at least some use. And this one is fairly good at it, too. First of all, there's the two corruption points, a minor but often significant thing. Play this on someone like Saruman carrying dangerous stuff like Palantiri and you can do your opponent significant harm. Now all those other forced corruption checks look all the more deadly. But the much more significant feature of this card is the second one, forcing a corruption check every single turn the Wizard's company moves to a haven. That can often be a lot of turns, especially in starter movement but also significant in standard movement. So that means that, in starter movement, almost every other turn the Wizard has to make a corruption check with 2 corruption points added to whatever he has anyway. Quite a big thing. If it were fairly permanent, I would be hailing this as a great card. But unfortunately that's not the case. Every organization phase, in or not in a Haven, the Wizard gets to tap to try to remove this. They may have to tap, yes, so that is some effect, but since the probability is in his favor each turn to get it, it's more than likely that after two turns the Wizard will be rid of this, meaning you may get only one corruption check out of it. It may still be a bit better than Weariness, the 2 C.P. alone cause that, but not that much. So overall, Lure of Creation is a fairly good permanent-event, but its easy removability prevents it from being really great.
Farmer Maggot8.0Beorn6.0

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