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True Fana

Resource: Short-Event
Spell. Wizard only. Before resolving an attack against the Wizard's company, make a roll (or draw a #) and add the Wizard's prowess to the result. If the total is greater than the attack's prowess, all of the attack's strikes fail (if the attack has a body, make body checks to determine if the attack is defeated). Otherwise, the attack proceeds normally. Wizard makes a corruption check modified by -3.

This card yells, right out loud, "SACRIFICE OF FORM". It takes one of the abilities of that card, making all the strikes in an attack fail, but instead of forcing other things to happen (some of them actually good) as a result, it just pits the Wizard against it instead of everyone else and makes one thing (the corruption check) happen. A good time to use it is with those low-prowess, many-strike attacks, like Orcs, which can actually pose a danger to Hobbits but which a Wizard can easily handle. And you aren't even risking your Wizard on the attack, just the -3 corruption check afterwards (we'll get to that in a minute). Also I have a bit of an idea with this, an odd one needless to say but a great one in some circumstances. Use this against Neeker-Breekers. There's nothing I know that says you can't, and it lets you automatically stop them with a Wizard's 6 prowess. Remember, though Neeker-Breekers' attack checks the mind and doesn't work on Wizards, this happens before the attack to cancel it. So you can pit the Wizard against Neeker-Breekers' measly 7 prowess and automatically stop it. And the check uses prowess because NB's attack isn't happening, so this card's rules, the normal prowess-checking ones, work. In fact, this card's even good with the bigger attacks, since it's a risk-free (other than the corruption check) way to try to stop an attack on the Wizard's company. It's possible for it to work with a non-enhanced Wizard against any attack, though the chances grow slim with some creatures like Khamul. But now there is the one problem with this card: the corruption check, one at -3 at that. A few Fellowships can lower the risk, as can the new Dragons card (coming up in a few weeks) Emerald of the Mariner, but it's still pretty bad. So you may want to think twice about casually playing this card against anything, though if your Wizard's got almost no corruption points it's usually pretty safe. Still, losing the game isn't worth it for this card. So overall, True Fana is a card with a cool and powerful attack cancelling ability, but the corruption check makes it too dangerous for routine use.
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