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Fair Travels in Dark-Domains

Resource: Short-Event
Playable at the end of the organization phase if target company plays a new site card. If the site path has at least one Dark-domain [d], the hazard limit for the target company decreases by one (or by two if Gates of Morning is in play) to a minimum of two. Cannot be duplicated on the same company.

Well, not as good as its Lost In equivalent, but still certainly decent. It lets you make those ultra-dangerous Dark-domain areas a bit safer. And even more so with GoM (though if you're going into Dark-Domains chances are your opponent's either already got out or desparately trying to get out DoN). It can't be duplicated, unfortunately, but it can be good nonetheless. For example, take Mount Doom. That's already got a +2 to the hazard limit. With this, you can either halve or cancel that limit altogether. Either way it's a help. Plus think of all the things that extra 1 or 2 hazards might be. Maybe by playing this you'll avoid a Shelob, or a Witch-King, or a Smaug (well, Smaug's doubtful, since he doesn't key to DDs, but he's still a good example of a dangerous creature). Or maybe you'll stop that Will of Sauron your opponent was going to play. Either way, this card has some definite value in protecting your companies travelling in Dark-domains. But there is, as I mentioned before, one problem, that this card can't be duplicated on the same company. The main thing that does, though, is just prevent you from using these in series, which would otherwise be a valuable strategy (3 with GoM can bring the hazard limit for your pumped-up 6+ character company down to 2). So overall, Fair Travels in Dark-Domains is a nice short-event that can definitely help many companies get through Dark-domains much more easily.

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