Secret Entrance

Resource: Short-event

Playable only at the end of the organization phase; may not be played on a company moving to a site in a Dark-domain. Tap a sage in the company, and no hazard creatures keyed to the site may be played on the company.

Aw, you're probably saying, it's not that great. Sure, it can protect you at one site, which is useful for places like Moria which are dangerous, but not Mount Doom (because it explicitly says so on the card), where it'd be used most. But think of the full potential of this card. For instance, if you're trying to play a Gold Ring, for which most of the needed sites are quite dangerous, this card can be a lifesaver. Or, as I said before, Moria. Or anywhere else you think it's needed. Though it can't help against automatic-attacks, just play Dark Quarrels.

It can be very psychological, too. Use this and a couple of other avoidance cards and keep away hazards for a couple of turns, and your opponent may start discarding some of those killer creatures that he has just sitting there. This can completely disrupt your opponent's strategy, so that when you come out of hiding his good hazards are already gone and he has to wait for his deck to run out (if you're on your last deck, this is especially useful) before he gets them back again. Also, of course, this keeps your characters untapped, so they can work right away when they get to a site.

There are, admittedly, some bad features to this card, though. Like the fact that your sage is still tapped. And how it can't be played for dark-domains, eliminating the worst sites and much of the potential to ward off Nazgul. Also, a lot of people would probably have the more powerful party and be able to fight off hazards then the weak one which can't do a thing to them. But overall, this card is quite good, if your deck doesn't have too many strong characters.

? ? ?8.0
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