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Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: Wilderness (2), Ruins & Lairs
Prowess/Body: 10/-

Dragon. Two strikes. Attacker chooses defending characters. Two Wildernesses [w] in site path are required.

Cave-Drake, of course, is the only currently existing non-Unique Dragon, with the added bonus of having an automatic Dragon's Desolation in terms of playable area. Plus, you get to choose the defenders, something Leucaruth and Agburunar (plus probably some of the new Dragons) can't do. With the added bonus of only 1 marshalling point, these guys become quite powerful. Partly, of course, because they can be played in series. They're non-unique, so just blast a company with three of these and a couple of strategically played Dragon modifiers like the previewed one Passion of Wrath for +2/-1 prowess/body and you've got a doomsday device for Hobbits. Wait, Passion of Wrath just gave me a question. What happens with a creature that has 0 body if you give it a negative modifier? Never had this come up before, but just now I thought of it. Scott? Getting back to Cave-Drake, it's already more than likely to kill Hobbits, and with some modifiers it can do well for more powerful things like Wizards. And you can finally rain dragons down on "easy" trips like Rivendell to Lorien, or on any Ruins & Lairs trip as well. So now nowhere is safe from Dragon modifiers anymore. As for combos with this card, right now the only one I can think of is Dragon's Desolation (plus the usual Wilderness danger things like Snowstorm) but once Dragons comes out there should be lots more (probably should have waited until then to review this, but I needed every decent card I could get to review while I wait for Dragons to come out). Overall, Cave-drake is already the least restricted and one of the best of the Dragons, and will probably become a mighty force to reckon with when the Dragons expansion comes out.
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