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Weariness of the Heart

Hazard: Short-Event
The prowess of a character is modified by -1 until the end of the turn. Alternatively, the target character is forced to make a corruption check. Cannot be duplicated.

Archival note: on the web page, the old Weariness of the Heart will be removed in a few days and its links changed to this, so if you want a copy of the old one (and don't want to pester me for it) then download one ASAP. Now the review. This card has two abilities, one fairly mediocre one and one that's a little better. The first is a prowess -1 modifier. Nice, but not THAT nice. As I said yesterday with Black Arrow, it certainly can make a difference, though this difference is greatest with more than one at the same time (which this can't do because of the "Cannot be duplicated" line). Though on characters, who have such less prowess than creatures, this could make more difference as well, bringing Hobbits down to 0 prowess (and automatic defeat by any creature with proewss 13 or more). But as I said, not much difference. Especially since this is used for either that use or the next and far better one, forcing a corruption check. Now this is a really good ability. No gimmicks, no conditions, just an automatic unmodified corruption check. But think of all the places you can use this. On a party going to Mount Doom, already in enough trouble, play this with maybe a strategic placement of Lures (I'm doing a Corruption Week next week, for good uses of those tune in then) to corrupt that annoying item's bearer out of the game. Even better: use this on Wizards, someone like Saruman carrying a Palantir, maybe a few helpers like Bane of the Ithil-Stone, and win the game with this card's check. So unlike my last review, when I called this card pointless, now I instead say that overall Weariness of the Heart is a card that can be extremely useful in lots of situations and deserves to go in any corruption-based or corruption-assisted deck.

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