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Black Arrow

Resource: Minor Item
Corruption Points: 1

Warrior only. Tap Black Arrow to give -1 to the prowess and body of any one attack against bearer's company. When Black Arrow is tapped, discard it if its bearer is not a Man.

Well, it doesn't actually say anything about Dragons, but since this was the arrow that killed Smaug it's closer than any of the other promos. Though it probably should have some bonus, such as "-2 to the prowess and body of a Dragon attack". Still, even without that it's still a fairly useful item. First of all, it's only a minor item with 1 corruption point, so you can use it as a basic starting item. And give it to almost any character without worry of corruption. So this is often a good thing to start out a company with as one of the two starting minor items. And I think you can even use more than one of these, to make this modifier to multiple attacks (or even multiple times). Plus the effect is worthy of at least a major item. -1 to prowess and body of ANY attack (an advantage for those Assassins et. al. with multiple attacks, they only have this on one) and you can re-use it if you give it to a Man character (which there are enough of so you'll probably have at least one in most companies). So you can spread a few of these around your companies to cause various degrees of harm to enemy attacks. For instance, play this with Eowyn or Peath in a one-two punch of negative modifiers to a Nazgul attack (Glorfindel-level prowess against a Nazgul with 1 fewer prowess and less than half the body, even Witch-King becomes a less-dangerous 16/5, never mind the weaker Nazgul). Or pile on a few of these at the same time, even (if it's allowed) on the same attack, to make the old Witch-King a decrease to 14/3. Wait a minute, that gives me a question. In which order do you use Eowyn et. al. and modifiers like this? The order played, or a specific one? Should you halve the body first and then decrease it, or decrease the body first and then halve it? Scott? My guess would be the order played, but I'm not absolutely sure. Anyway, getting back to the card, Black Arrow is overall a minor item with a decent ability by itself but if played in series with more Black Arrows becomes quite deadly.
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