|@/@@TEXTR*ch L~X Neeker-Breekers


Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: Border-lands, Wilderness, Shadow-lands, Dark-domains, Ruins & Lairs
Prowess/Body: 7/-

Animals. Each character in the company faces one strike. His prowess against such a strike is equal to his mind attribute. Any character that would normally be wounded is only tapped intstead - no body checks are made.

Seems like a pretty weak creature, but without too much trouble you can turn this weak little 7/- into a powerful tapping machine. Basically it's a hazard creature, but instead of using your prowess you use your mind (finally a good use for all that brainpower) to fight it, and instead of being wounded you're just tapped. One immediate question comes to mind: how do we count Wizards for this? Should we say they have infinite mind, and therefore automatically win, or that they have 0 mind, and therefore have a good chance of losing? I know there are rulings on this for general purposes, but in this specific case how do we play it (Scott?)? This doesn't help many characters, since most of the ones with high mind also have high prowess (except for a few like Galadriel), but it does hurt a lot of low-mind ones. Most of the ones with 1 or 2 mind have a bit more prowess then that. Except of course a few of them like Hobbits who are low in both areas (they're just little people in general). But either way this card is good at tapping out all the low-mind guys. So just play this as a prelude to bigger attacks, with a few enhancers to make it nice and spiffy. Your opponent will probably laugh and say, "So what? I still have all my cool high-mind + prowess guys like Glorfindel II." Then you play the Nazgul. Maybe a Khamul, or if you don't have him out Witch-King or Akhorahil. And laugh. Now he has to either risk wounding his powered-up Glorfindel or sacrifice one of his sitting-duck Hobbits (who just happens to be carrying The One Ring). So overall, Neeker-Breekers, while not in itself that powerful a card, when used as a prelude to better attacks can be quite deadly.

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