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Foul Fumes

Hazard: Long-Event
Environment. Each moving company that has a Shadow-land or a Dark-domain in its site path must return to its site of origin unless it contains a Ranger. Additionally, if Doors of Night is in play, each site with a Shadow-land or Dark-domain in its site path is tapped. Cannot be duplicated.

This card almost cries out "Durin's Ring, Durin's Ring". In fact, it can give almost absolute power to the bearer of that illustrious little object. And by that I mean One Ring level power. It also cries out "Will of Sauron" for obvious reasons, since with Will of Sauron it becomes semi-permanent. Also as an important side note: this is a common, a plain old starter-included common. Let's look at the features. First the easy one: it makes companies in shadow and dark regions return to their sites of origin unless they contain a ranger. We've already gone over the benefits of that, though this one's not as good because of the ranger clause (with 20 rangers in the game now, and more on the way in Dragons, it's pretty easy to find a ranger). So let's go right on to the DoN ability, the INCREDIBLY GOOD one. One so amazingly good it brings this card up to a perfect 10.0 from me. This lets you tap ALL sites with a Shadow-land or Dark-domain in the site path. ALL sites. Think about what this means. First, a pretty much dead stop to all One Ring bring-outs. Unless a company has a gold ring in hand (and even then you can make things difficult) it's pretty much impossible to get one out (except at the 2 or 3 sites that still aren't tapped, see my idea below for stopping play at those). No more factions except in the safe sites, no more items except in the safe sites, no more allies except in the safe sites. So no Marshalling points except from creatures (so don't play any, it won't matter if your opponent doesn't have anything to do), no more Wizard kills unless you send your Wizard out to get killed deliberately, and no more One Ring. That pretty much stops the entire game. And there's only one way to get around in this all-tapped world: the Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe. You have to get this out in order to have a good chance of winning with Foul Fumes out. "Now o'er the one-half world nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse the curtained sleep." Fits this card nicely. (first person to tell me the play, act, scene, and speaker gets their name mentioned in the next COTD). Anyway, there are also lots of good combos with this card. There's the obvious Will of Sauron, to make this permanent (though it still disappears as it would anyway with the next deck cycling, so time carefully). Then there's the slightly less obvious but even more devastating combo of Morgul Night and this card. Now you can make all Wildernesses into Shadow-lands. And therefore tap all the related sites. I'm not absolutely sure of this one (Scott?), since it does say the Site path (though that IS changed by Morgul Night) but if it does it gives you even more absolute power. Now the only sites left untapped are the Coastal Sea ones (can you say Storms of Osse?) and a couple of free-domain ones near Edhellond (which very few people go to anyway, and there isn't much at those). Now the bearer of Durin's ring has even more absolute power. Overall, Foul Fumes is an incredibly powerful card in many situations, and deserves a spot in almost any well-equipped hazard deck.
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