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Sleepless Malice

Hazard: Long-Event
One undead creature against each company does not count against the Hazard limit. Additionally, if Doors of Night is in play, any undead hazard creature may be played keyed to Ruins and Lairs. Cannot be duplicated.

Sort of like The Nazgul are Abroad or Fell Beast for Undead, in terms of how much it helps them. It lets you play an extra one without it affecting the hazard limit, AND with DoN it lets you play them all at R&L. Now admittedly, Undead aren't the best creatures. There are only 4 of them at the moment (will Dragons have more? Maybe "The Ghost of Glaurung" - an Undead Dragon to which both bonuses apply). 3 of them force corruption checks, one doesn't even do that. The most powerful one is Barrow-wight, which as I said in yesterday's review isn't that strong itself. Corpse-Candle has a good special ability, yes, it can make everyone in the company make a corruption check, so it's probably the best one of them from the special ability point of view. But there are other enhancers to Undead: such as Plague of Wights, +1 to prowess and strikes x2 for all Undead. This card removes the two main reasons not to play these guys: they're not worth playing because they're too weak (now you can play an extra for free) and they're only playable to dark and shadow areas (now R&L works too). Still may not be that great, but this card makes them pretty much free (or at least one of them), so why not play them? Of course, they do take up deck space, the main problem with Undead and this card. But for players without that many cards, or for sealed-deck tournament games, this card can be really useful. One more cool idea: use this with Will of Sauron to allow an extra undead for every single turn. If you have enough of them to support this it could be quite devastating. So overall, Sleepless Malice is a card that, while not that great itself, can be useful for enhancing Undead in some situations.

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