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The Cock Crows

Resource: Short-Event
Cancels a Troll attack. Alternatively, if Gates of Morning is in play, forces the discard of one hazard permanent-event.

This card does two things - one good, one fairly pointless. First the fairly pointless one. It cancels a Troll attack. Whoopdee doo (is that how you spell that?). There are only 4 troll creatures out there, and while they're all pretty good they're not that great. It could be a good backup use for this card but it really doesn't justify having it by yourself unless your opponent's obsessed with Trolls (pretty impossible since there are so few of them). The reason to have this card is for the second feature. It can cancel hazard permanent-events. Sure, this isn't unique to it, you can also do it with Palantir of Osgilath, and as soon as it comes out Marvels Told, but this is a faster way and more effective way than either of them. It works on all hazard permanent-events, while Marvels Told can't do environments (though that's basically just Doors of Night, it's still important). And it can be played instantly, while Palantir of Osgilath (though it's still a great card) takes time and effort to play. But, this ability does have a cost. In order to use it, you have to have Gates of Morning out. Though it is worth it, the main advantage this has over Marvels Told is that it can discard Doors of Night (though not being a ritual is also an advantage) which now it can't because it needs Gates of Morning in play to use. And also it can't discard Will of Sauron either, another excellent thing to play this on. Here's an idea: how about a "hall of portals" card with both Doors and Gates enhancements as effects? You could get the benefits of both simultaneously. There'd have to be elaborate discard conditions, sure, but it'd be worth it for what it would do. Anyway, overall The Cock Crows is a pretty good resource for its special ability, but Gates of Morning's requirement lessens its usefulness.
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