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Bill the Pony

Resource: Ally
Marshalling Points: 1
Mind: 1
Prowess/Body: -2/10

Unique. Playable at Bree of Bag End; playable even if the site is tapped. If at a non-Haven site and if his company's size is three of less, you may discard Bill the Pony at the end of his company's turn and replace its site with the nearest Haven.

Not only is it fun, but it also has a halfway decent ability, unlike some cards whose coolness is their only attribute. Sure, the basics of it are bad, almost horrible. 1 mind, an easy influence by your opponent at best, only 1 marshalling point, and NEGATIVE 2 prowess (the 10 body does make up for it, though, he may lose the battle but at least he's not very likely to die). He doesn't need an untapped site to play in, like most allies (though I believe he does tap the site if it's untapped, I'm not sure, Scott?). His ability is fairly basic, and appears on a few other cards, but it's an okay one nonetheless. It lets you escape from a site after only one turn back to the nearest Haven. May not be much with some fairly benign sites, and the company does have to be 3 or fewer people, but at Mount Doom or Barad-Dur it can be very useful. You can now go on a quick 1-turn expedition to Barad-Dur for an item and have a better chance of your opponent not getting a Nazgul or Shelob to play on you. Finally a use for it. Or go and dunk The One Ring with less risk as well - try to destroy it, and if you fail use old Bill here to bring you on back to Lorien for another try. Of course by then Sam will be so heartbroken that Bill will be the only thing left to cheer him up, so you may end up wanting to keep him... Anyway, like I said Bill's ability can sometimes be useful for getting you out of a BAD site very fast. Overall, Bill the Pony is an okay card, for a really cool character in the book, which for practical purposes can occasionally be good to help lessen the risks of going to some of the more dangerous game areas.
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