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Durin's Axe

Resource: Major Item
Marshalling Points: 2(4)
Corruption Points: 2(3)

Unique. Weapon. +2 prowess (+4 if held by a Dwarf) to a maximum of 9. If held by a Dwarf, 4 marshalling points and 3 corruption points.

Well, it's a little above average, but still not that great. It's yet another one of these Dwarf-helping items, where it's fairly bland when held by a non-Dwarf but a little better when held by a Dwarf. Let's just go over the basics. It's worth a fairly standard 2 marshalling points and 2 corruption points, like many items. With a Dwarf, it gets to the slightly better than average 4 marshalling points and only 3 corruption points, a little better ratio. These figures are all nice, the marshalling points get up to faction level, so with a fair number of situations this is a better thing and easier thing to play than a faction. Still, it is an item, and a unique major one at that, so finding it in your deck and then finding a site to play it at can be a bit difficult. Finally, there's the prowess enhancer, an extra bonus which gives this something over just playing a 4-point faction (though there aren't many of those). It may be only to a maximum of 9, but for all regular characters except Glorfindel you get the full bonus with this, and there aren't any Dwarves above 5 prowess so they all get the bonus too. Only problem is other items they play with similar restrictions. So it can help to beef up those little Dwarves a bit (though they already are fairly strong characters, at least some of them). Overall, Durin's Axe is an okay, but not great, item, which can be worth playing (along with lots of other items) in Dwarf-heavy decks.
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