Will of Sauron

Hazard: Permanent-event

Playable only if Doors of Night is in play.
All hazard long-events remain in play until this card is discarded. Discard this card when Doors of Night leaves play, or when any play deck is exhausted. When this card is discarded, all hazard long-events are discarded. Cannot be duplicated.

Wow. One word, that sums it up. Wow. This is one of the cards I'd least like to see my opponent play. If I'd factored this into my Doors of Night rating, it'd have been 10 for making this card alone playable. Of course, it would also increase Gates of Morning, because that could destroy this card and create devastating effects, but still, really good card. The only main setback is, it affects you, too, but if you plan your deck and company positioning right before playing it, you can avoid it. Let's look at the good and bad points in more detail:

Its main (and only) good feature is that keeps all hazard long-events in play. What this means is that you can make some extremely deadly combos. Try it with a snowstorm, for example, which is a long-event rare hazard that makes all companies with wilderness in their site path return to their site of origin. You can shut your opponent completely down with this, and totally destroy their strategy. The only way to save yourself, however, is to put your companies all on the coast or a region with few wildernesses, and plan out how you're going to still move, so if you use this strategy you should build much of your deck to accept it.

Try it with some attack enhancers, like Minions Stir, Night, Plague of Wights, and Wake of War (which in various ways enhance your hazard attacks) and wreak havoc on your opponent's companies (Minions Stir and Night will make your Orc attacks a force to be reckoned with, for instance).

Or try it with Eye of Sauron, to permanently increase all your automatic attack prowesses by 3.

Or, best of all, try it with The Balance of Things, and it'll permanently double all the corruption points from one source for all characters. Especially good if your parties are meagerly equipped and your opponent's got The One Ring (particularly good for that, since The One Ring is 6 corruption points and that doubles to 12, making it impossible to win a check without enhancers (and just try it if your opponent uses Cracks of Doom, a -4 corruption check with 12 points could be very nasty).

For all this card's power, however, there is a drawback. If your opponent gets out a Gates of Morning, or one of the draw decks runs out, then the card's gone along with all your carefully gathered hazard long-events. You therefore can't base an entire deck around this card, because your strategy would be in ruins if your opponent gets a Gates of Morning out. Still, if you're willing to take the risks this is a great card.

Ratings for: WILL OF SAURON
? ? ?9.5
Tom Bombadil7.0
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