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Marvels Told

Resource: Short-Event (Dragons Preview)

Ritual. Tap sage to discard a non-environment hazard permanent event or long event. Sage makes a corruption check at -2. Note: This card may not allow dwarf or hobbit sages to use it, this was still undergoing testing. If the change is made the text will be something more like: "Tap non-dwarf, non-hobbit sage to...".

First this card introduces another unknown new Dragons concept: the Ritual, which joins the ranks of other ideas such as Sea Voyaging, Hoard Items, and Offering Attempts. No idea what a ritual is, but my best guess is something like a Spell for sages instead of wizards. Anyway, its effect is a simple one: it discards a hazard permanent-event. This is a very nice effect, yet, but Palantir of Osgilath can do that AND it's re-usable AND it has other abilities AND it works on any hazard permanent-event, including environments (i.e. Doors of Night). But still, this is much easier to use (assuming there aren't too many difficulties associated with Rituals) than Palantir of Osgilath, since you can just keep a few of them in your hand any time. In fact, this may end up becoming almost as vital a card as Twilight if there are a few dangerous Dragons permanent-events (like the At Home dragon versions). Also lets you discard hazard long-events, which can be handy with both Will of Sauron (hey, another thing this card cancels) and for keeping long-events from lasting their full turn. Overall, Marvels Told is a card that already has some power and will probably have more with the release of Dragons.
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