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Site: Haven

Region: Anfalas
Site path from Grey Havens: Fd, Cs, Cs, Cs, Cs, Wi
Site path from Lorien: Wi, Bl, Fd, Fd, Bl, Wi

Opponent draws 2 cards, you draw 2 cards.

This is probably the least-known haven, though IMHO it's at least equal to Grey Havens. 10 sites trace this as their nearest haven, and several of them can actually be rather dangerous and useful to visit. It's the same distance from Mordor as Lorien, and the farthest South (and thus the best haven for Southern destinations like Southron Oasis) of all the havens (just as Lorien's farthest East, Rivendell's farthest North and Grey Havens is farthest West). It's in a fairly safe region, a Wilderness with no keyable creatures. And it has 3 characters homed at it: Alatar, Annalena, and Arinmir. Arinmir and Annalena aren't too exceptional, but Alatar is as the 3rd best Wizard (better than Gandalf and Pallando, but not as good as Saruman and Radagast) IMHO and therefore being his home is a valuable attribute. But as I said before Edhellond's main feature is its proximity to several key sites, most notably Southron Oasis and Variag Camp as well as Vale of Erech (needed to play Army of the Dead). It's also the same distance as Lorien is to Minas Tirith, another key site. With the large numbers of Nazgul keyeable to Harondor and Khand, Edhellond is a good place to visit for healing, too. The final feature of Edhellond is one that doesn't exist yet but with the new Sea Voyaging rules in Dragons soon will. It's a convenient port for launching off on ocean trips, closer to more Coastal Seas than Grey Havens. Not useful yet, but will be soon. Overall, Edhellond is a fairly good haven (of course all havens naturally belong in any deck) that's worth a visit occasionally.
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