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Character: Scout/Sage/Diplomat Elf
Marshalling Points: 3
Mind: 9
Direct Influence: 4
Prowess/Body: 3/10

Unique. When Galadriel is at Lorien, her controlling player may keep one more card than normal in his hand. -3 marshalling pts. if eliminated.

Home site: Lorien

Seems a lot like Elrond with 1 less mind, but Galadriel does have a few other components. First the basics. She's a high-mind, high-influence character worth 3 marshalling points. The trademark of a strong character. There's also her stats. 3 prowess isn't much, but 10 body is the highest of any character, even more than Glorfindel II. Her listed special ability is the same as the other two Elven Kings: if she's at her home site you draw one more card. All of this is fairly basic to all three Elven-Kings. But then there's her two other aspects. One is her Elven-Ring, Nenya. +2 to direct influence, body, and prowess for her for a turn, making her have a nice 6 direct influence (though it pales in comparison with Elrond's enhanced 10), an invincible without modifier 12 body, and a not quite as extraordinary 5 prowess. And she can also automatically make a corruption check in anywhere but a Dark-hold or Shadow-hold successful, useful for lots of decks and bad corruption checks. A cool combo is to use this with Narya to pass that difficult -5 check and get Narya's special ability. All in all pretty good, nice ring special ability and nice character stats. But there is one dark side to Galadriel, the Balrog of Moria. It gives you a very good reason to keep Galadriel at home besides the deck bonus: Lorien stops being a haven if she's not there when Balrog's played. This can be extremely tragic for decks that rely on having a place to heal over in the east of Middle-Earth, which most decks do. Therefore the best strategy with Galadriel is to just leave her in Lorien, get the hand bonus, and use Nenya occasionally before a bad corruption check. If you take her out of Lorien, you risk having Balrog played and losing Lorien as a haven (though it does harm your opponent too so they'll have to be prepared with The White Tree or something like that if they play it). Overall, Galadriel is a very good and strong character, worthy of an Elven-King.
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