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Resource: Short-Event

Cancels an attack against a company. One unwounded character of your choice in the company is wounded (no body check is required).

Eh, okay but not that great. In fact, not even that good. Torque of Hues does all of this, but it's re-usable AND it doesn't wound someone. Still, this card does have some uses. Like cancelling an attack early in the game before you've gotten Torque out. Or if there are more attacks coming to keep from having to tap the Torque-equipped character, since this lets you choose the character to be wounded. Against Nazgul (or Balrogs, as it was in the book) this is often worth it, at least if the Nazgul player gets to choose the defenders. Also this guarantees no body check in exchange for requiring a wound. It hurts a character but that's better than killing them. Now here's an idea: what about playing this on an opponent? If it were possible it would be great, since you could send some measly Orc-Warband or something at them and then cancel it with this and wound a character. Probably not legal now, but if there ever was a way this card would be much better. Still, going back to what's currently available, this card has one more use, being a backup. You can keep one or two of these around just in case you are attacked. Or if you're attacked twice in one turn, you can use this with a Torque for two cancellations. Very handy if you move somewhere like Mount Doom, where you're likely to get several bad attacks a turn (assuming your opponent figured out from your playing The One Ring you were going there) and you want to prevent as many as you can. Overall, Escape is a pretty good, but not great, card, a handy backup for Torque of Hues.
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