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Hazard: Long-Event (Dragons Preview)

All offering and influence attempts are modified by -3.

Very simple card, doesn't seem like much to review, especially when you consider that we don't even know what an offering attempt is yet. My guess is either an alternate way to attract a faction (or just get marshalling points) or a way to prevent attacks (like offering the Goblins a big sack of gold in exchange for not attacking your company). Either way it sounds good. But let's concentrate on the part we do know, the influence modifier. Even by itself this is cool. And it can even be permanent with Will of Sauron (seems a bit too strong to me, Scott, though I haven't tried it yet because I didn't know what offering would be like), a great boon for decks that aren't based around accumulating Marshalling Points (since it does effect you as well). This can make some factions next to impossible to get without Muster. That alone is pretty good, but then you also consider the safety feature it provides, modifying the already extremely difficult influence checks for OPPONENT's characters/factions/allies/items so that it's virtually impossible to get them. Very nice. But the factions one is probably the best. After all, you can only have 3 Musters, so for the rest of your factions you'll need some other kind of influence modifier, which many people (including me) don't plan for in their deck because we're all so sure of our Musters for tough factions. With pretty much every faction tough, it becomes far more useful. A good reason to keep a few Persuasive Words et. al. in your sideboard in case you come across an opponent (like I'm sure there'll be many of) who uses this card. In fact, this card is one of those ones that significantly changes gameplay, making factions a rarer and more difficult thing (unless offering attempts are easier than influence ones and they apply to factions) to get out and Marshalling Points in general a more valuable commodity. So overall, Distrust is an already almost game-altering card and will be almost as necessary as Twilight in decks once Dragons is out in full force.
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