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Fell Turtle

Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: Coastal Seas
Prowess/Body: 15/-

Animals. One strike. If any strike is successful, the defending company must return to its site of origin (defending characters are wounded normally).

Another creature with a special ability if it succeeds, though unlike some it also does a regular attack. It has only one strike, but that strike is as powerful as some Nazgul. It's only worth 1 marshalling point if killed, even though it is a 15-prowess creature (though it doesn't have any body, maybe that's it), so there's not much risk in playing it. And it can potentially hurt your opponent in two different ways. First, it can do the usual wounding. 15 prowess automatically beats Hobbits and has a small but existing chance of even beating the really powerful characters like Glorfindel II. If only you could choose defending characters with this it would be a great Hobbit killer, which would also fit perfectly with the other part of this card. It can force a company to return to a site of origin if any strike is successful. This can have varying degrees of usefulness. The best place to play this would be a killer destination like Gorgoroth if you could play it somewhere other than Coastal Seas, but as is the best you can possibly do is Imlad Morgul (which can still be good; they move to Shelob's lair, get pulverized there, then you pull them back with Fell Turtle). Also a great combo card with a Dragons preview, Wind of Wrath, so you can direct your enemies to a dangerous place and then after they get attacked there pull them on back to where they started. And there aren't really any disadvantages to playing this, all you have to lose is one marshalling point to your opponent and there's a good deal to gain by playing this. The only other disadvantage is its limited play at Coastal Seas, though there are so few creatures there that a powerful one playable there is actually a fairly good keyeable area. So overall, Fell Turtle is a very good and powerful hazard creature with a nice special ability thrown in.
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