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Hazard: Permanent-Event

Playable on a Border-hold [B] or Free-hold [F] site. A company at this site must face an Orc attack of three strikes at 7 prowess at the beginning of its site phase. At the end of the organization phase, a company at a site with Siege on it must make a roll (or draw a #) and subtract one from the result for every non-scout character it contains. If this result is less than 5, the company may not move this turn. Discard when the site card is discarded or when the site card is returned to the location deck. Cannot be duplicated on a given site.

It has some good uses, but in a fair number of cases it isn't that great. The basic thing this card does is trap a company at a site and attack them with a fairly weak Orc attack every turn until they escape. Just like a real siege - you keep getting attacked and you're trapped inside until you beat off the attack. Also this card only works on the Border and Free holds. This is good in letting you attack people with it who are otherwise trying to safely hide, but bad in attacking them in anywhere else. The attack, as I said before, is pretty weak and not really that threatening. There's a less than 50% chance of success even if it attacks a Hobbit, and with many characters it's automatically defeated. There are some enhancers that make this a bit more threatening, like Fury of the Iron Crown, but that's mostly wasting it on a mediocre attack that only happens once (it's a different attack each time it happens, techincally). A slightly more potent feature is the capability to trap a company at the site. In a company with a fair number of non-scouts, that can be quite annoying. Just 2 and your chances are lowered to in the 60% range. 3 and it's less than 50% of getting out. So it's a good reason to be a bit cautious when using a company with lots of non-scouts. Also this can be useful to delay your opponent even for just one turn on some time-sensitive thing, like who gets The One Ring out first. One turn's delay can make a difference. Though it isn't discarded when you beat the roll, whether you leave it or tap it first it will be discarded when your company leaves the site. So overall, Siege is an interesting hazard that can often can be very useful and devious but sometimes is just a wasted hazard to play.
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