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The Arkenstone

Resource: Greater Item
Marshalling Points: 2(5)
Corruption Points: 2(4)

Unique. +3 to bearer's direct influence against Dwarves and Dwarf factions. If held by a Dwarf, The Arkenstone gives 5 marshalling points and 4 corruption points. The Arkenstone may be tapped to untap a Dwarf character in the same company, but target Dwarf must make a corruption check modified by -2.

Another key thing for you Hobbit lovers. And while we're at it another Dwarf-benefitting item (boy those Dwarves have lots of good stuff, first the Durin's ring and now this). This may not be good as some of them, but it's pretty nice nonetheless. And since it was owned by a Dwarf, Thrain, and later Thorin II (until he was killed a few pages later) it naturally benefits Dwarves most and does almost nothing for anyone else (except those controlling or in the same company as Dwarves, in which case you should just give it to a Dwarf instead). First there's the Marshalling Points/Corruption. For non-Dwarves, it's a fairly average 2 for 2, which is still actually pretty good considering that you still get most of the abilities, though you need Dwarves to use them on. But for Dwarves it changes to 5 for only 4 corruption points. This is a little better. Almost as many Marshalling Points as The One Ring, and a good bit less corruption. The effects are good for both races, though they occur on Dwarves and no one else. First you get +3 D.I. to Dwarves and their factions. This makes a non-Dwarven character almost an "honorary Dwarf" for influencing factions. And it gives a Dwarven character almost automatic influence for Dwarven factions because of the standard modifications already there. Or try it on someone like Thorin for a super Dwarf-controller (7 direct influence with his built in bonus and this one on Dwarves). There's also the other ability. It can untap Dwarves in the same company. This results in all sorts of great uses. You can use a Hobbit with this and a Dwarf on Shadowfax with Durin's Ring to go on huge runs of untapping sites (tap Dwarf for Durin's ring, tap Hobbit to untap Dwarf, tap Dwarf again, etc.) But unlike the Dwarven rings the Dwarf has to make a -2 instead of a +2 corruption check, so with any fancy items you could have some serious corruption problems. Still, overall The Arkenstone is a very good and powerful card, one of the better Dwarven items.

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