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Dark Quarrels

Resource: Short-Event

Cancel one attack by Orcs, Trolls or Men. Alternatively, if Gates of Morning is in play, the number of strikes from any attack is reduced to half of its original number, rounded up.

A moderately good but not that great attack canceller. Its better feature comes with GoM, though we'll get in a moment. First the canceller. It cancels Orcs, Trolls, and Men. Not the greatest of races, as I said in my review of Fury of the Iron Crown, but they can cause some harm. The Orcs aren't especially nasty in any of them, though their number of strikes can cause some damage, but the Trolls and Men do have some powerful members. Still, the main feature of this card is the other feature, the strike halver. It requires Gates of Morning, which can be detrimental since the best attacks often occur with DoN enhancements. But even the Nazgul can still be played, with Fell Beasts too, without DoN, so this isn't that bad. And the effects are sometimes extremely useful. You can take a Fell Beast-ed Nazgul down to one strike, for example. Same with Smaug, bring him down to one. You can bring Orc attacks down by as much as two strikes with a 5-strike one (and don't say you can just cancel Orcs, I already explained the marshalling points to you). And this card has the advantage over attack cancellers in that you still get the marshalling points if you win, but you're facing less danger. With a 1-strike Smaug you can just pit Glorfindel II (with maybe the new Dragons card Wormsbane, for example) against him by himself, and then beat him and not have to face any more strikes. Actually, it wouldn't work on Smaug since he chooses defending characters, but the example fits so well I'll leave it in anyway. You can see how this can be useful. It can also cancel strike enhancers (or nullify them, anyway). So overall Dark Quarrels is an okay, but not great, attack canceller, whose main value lies in its ability to get you marshalling points on an attack with less trouble.
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