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Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: Border-Holds, Free-Holds Prowess/Body: 11/-

Men. Three attacks (of one strike each) all against the same character. Attacker chooses defending character. One or two of these attacks may be cancelled by tapping a character (not the defending character) in the defender's company for each attack cancelled.

Sort of like an enhanced slayer. In fact, exactly like a Slayer, just with one extra strike. But since I haven't reviewed Slayer I'm not repeating myself. This is one of the best ways to kill an individual character. You get three attacks (or one attack and two characters are tapped, or two attacks and one character is tapped) of one strike each. The problem is that this is attacks, not strikes. All the cards that give extra strikes are very clear to say that they're for one attack, so you can't sneakily add a strike to every attack. And a good deal of enhancer effects (like Fury of the Iron Crown) only work on one attack. Since this is made of three attacks, you can only use those enhancers on one strike. Never mind that up to 2 of these attacks can be cancelled. So really I think this card is a little overrated (go ahead and flame me if you like). Still pretty good, but not on the same level as the REALLY good creatures like the Nazgul. Now that I've looked at the bad parts of this card, let's go on to the good parts. It DOES help against small companies, for example. Like a Shadowfax company, where you can either have a pretty good chance of killing off a Hobbit (though the body checks can stop you) or a fair chance of killing the other character. With a few good enhancers you could make a really powerful attack from this with more than one strike and more than 11 prowess, though if you're bothering with that use a more powerful single attack like Abductor (1 prowess less but discards after all prowess checks), or if you don't care about it being Men there are lots of options. But Assassin does have the advantage of being keyeable to free and border areas, though there's also the disadvantage of not being keyeable anywhere else (so if Fog is out, for example, with Echo of All Joy, you'll have a tough time getting this guy any targets). Still, a good way to surprise those Hobbits who thought they were safe in Bag End. Overall, though, Assassin is an only moderately good hazard, possibly worth putting in your deck but not really that great.
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