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Resource: Greater Item (Dragons Preview)
Marshalling Points: 4
Corruption Points: 2

+2 Prowess to a max of 9. +4 prowess to a max of 12 and -2 to creature's body against a dragon or drake strike

Well, the set IS called Dragons, so this item will be more useful then than it is now. According to an earlier posting from Scott, there will be five new dragons, plus another 18 of them from different versions of existing ones and new ones. That's enough to make this card very useful. Though it's even useful without that. It has 4 marshalling points and only 2 corruption points, first of all. It's rare to find an item with more marshalling than corruption points, so that alone sets this above many of them. And it gives a very high 4 prowess enhancer to max of 12 (maybe not as good as The One Ring, +5 to max of double starting prowess, but still good) against dragons, in addition to -2 body. Going by the current dragons (Scott didn't get me any expansion spoilers for actual dragons) that's pretty good. It makes Smaug the equivalent of 13/6, with less than half chance of passing the body check (and therefore a more than half chance of getting the FIVE marshalling points) and making his death almost a given for characters like Glorfindel II (+4 is still only 12 prowess). Pretty nice, making Smaug into Daelomin (with 2 points less of body) instead of his former dangerous self. Of course, if they put Glaurung in the expansion (and that's certainly possible) and give him 22 prowess or so (though that's a little much) even this will keep him stonger than Smaug. Still, it's overall a pretty good item and definitely destined to get much better once we know about Dragons.
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