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Character: Warrior/Sage/Diplomat Elf
Marshalling Points: 3
Mind: 8
Direct Influence: 4
Prowess/Body: 6/8

Unique. When Cirdan is at Grey Havens, his controlling player may keep one more card than normal in his hand. May tap to cancel one attack keyed to a Coastal Sea region. +2 direct influence against the Elves of Lindon faction. -3 marshalling points if eliminated.

Home site: Grey Havens

Cheaper than Elrond, but not quite as good. He doesn't have a ring, which both Elrond and Galadriel do (though I think he should, just because he gave Narya to Gandalf doesn't mean he can't use it himself if he wants to), which is his main negative difference from Elrond. But let's go over the details. He's 8 mind and 4 direct influence. This is pretty good, actually. He's only a -4, as good as Frodo and Bilbo, and he has enough direct influence to make it significantly usable, for controlling other characters. He's worth 3 marshalling points, high for a character but normal for an Elven-King, but that's offset by his -3 if eliminated. If he's killed, that's 6 marshalling points down the drain for you. So be sure to keep him safe. He's 6/8. Pretty strong, only 1 fewer body than a Wizard. And 1 fewer prowess and body than Elrond. His home's the Grey Havens, which mostly means he's playable at any of the four havens but nowhere else. And he gets +2 to the Elves of Lindon, a 2 point faction which gives him an additional 2 point bonus because he's an Elf out of the influence check of > 9. Not a great faction, but it's convenient for his home and the artwork (and the card in general) is a nice tribute to Roger Zelazny. He also has two special abilities, more than the other two Elven-Kings. The first one is the standard one, increasing hand size by one. We've already discussed this in COTDs 23 (Elrond) and 31 (Pallando), so if you want information on that go look at those. A possible help for speed decks, especially if you have Radagast as your Wizard. Also, there's the Coastal Sea Region attack canceller. Nice for the attacks there. And also nice in combo with a Dragons card I'll be reviewing fairly soon (Wind of Wrath, COTD #119) as protection from it. So the main advantage of Cirdan is his lower mind and Coastal Sea attack canceller, while the main disadvantage is that he doesn't have an Elven ring. Considering they aren't that great (witness my review of Narya, though that's the worst one) this sacrifice can often be worth it. Or, of course, you can put all three Elven-Kings into play (and still have 3 general influence and 12 newly created direct influence in play) and not have to worry about any of this, though that's sort of difficult. Overall, Cirdan is a very good character, one of the best ones, though whether he's the best or worst of the Elven-Kings depends on your personal opinion.
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