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Site: Ruins & Lairs
Region: Hollin
Site path: Wilderness, Wilderness
Nearest Haven: Rivendell
Cards Drawn: Opponent 1; You 1

Playable: Items (minor, gold ring)
Automatic-Attacks: Wolves: 3 strikes with 5 prowess

It's safe and it's got a small auto-attack, but you can get Gold Rings there. That alone makes it one of the first sites people go to when they want to play a ring. It's right in the middle of things, too, only two wilderness away from Rivendell. And it's right near Moria as well, so you can run off and get two rings right next to each other, on the same turn if you have Shadowfax, and test them both the next turn. First, there's the extremely low-powered auto-attack. A Hobbit who decides not to untap has an almost 50% chance of beating this attack. Any character with prowess of 3 or more automatically beats it without even rolling. So the only characters at even a slight risk are wounded ones, Hobbits, and the relatively few characters who have only 2 prowess. Other than those, there's no problem with this attack. The site's also fairly safe, a Ruins & Lairs, the site equivalent of a Wilderness. And the region it's in, Hollin, is also pretty safe, a Wilderness itself. With no specifically keyeable creatures. All in all, a fairly safe site. And the rewards can be quite high, with a gold ring playable there. Especially good for the Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe: Play a gold ring here, test the gold ring at a nearby site with Information with Ringlore, play Durin's, untap the information site, untap Ost-In-Edhil, play another gold ring, go again to the information site and play another ringlore, etc. Keep doing this until you have almost every ring in the game out, if you like, keeping the site tapped until you actually need to use it. Your opponent can't untap it because Durin's ring is unique. So you get to have your own private ring cache, with all the rings you want playable there easily. Overall Ost-In-Edhil is a very good site, probably the best in the game for playing gold rings.
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