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Call of the Sea

Hazard: Short-Event
Playable on an Elf character. The character's player must make a roll (or draw a #). Return the character to the player's hand if the result plus his unused general influence is less than 10. This result is modified by -3 if the character's company moved this turn using a site path containing a Coastal Sea. Any one item held by a character removed in this fashion may automatically be transferred to another character in his company.

The main thing this card does is make you keep your Elves away from water. Of course, this is a little hard with some of them, like Cirdan for instance, but it can be done. And those Elves it can cause trouble for are the reason this card has any actual use. The basic point of this is that it makes a standard roll + unused general influence check, with result needing to be 10 or greater. This wouldn't be that great, except that it is -3 if the character moves along a site path with a Coastal Sea. So you need 13 or higher there, a little harder. That gives cause for worry. You need extra general influence to be able to get any roll less than 12. For 7, a good average because it's in the middle of rolls and is the most common one with two dice, you need at least 6 general influence. That can be a problem with overloaded companies. For instance, with Cirdan in play (an already risky move with this card) under general influence and no Wizard out yet, you only have 6 general influence available if you want to keep 6 free for this. That's enough for one major character, like Frodo, Bilbo, or Boromir, or two minor characters (purely arbitrary definitions, I just call the high-mind characters major and the low-mind ones minor). With a Wizard you get another 10 points, up into the acceptable ranges, but without that extra there's just not enough there. So this hazard can be another good sideboard card, once you've figured out if your opponent's using riskily high amounts of influence or not. And even a main deck one against opponents you play often and know the techniques of (a reason to shift around your deck every once in a while, to avoid letting someone learn how you play too well). But against opponents who are conservative with influence, it's almost pointless. Overall, Call of the Sea is a pretty good card against Elves in some situations but an almost worthless one in others.
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