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Healing Herbs

Resource: Minor Item
Marshalling Points: 0
Corruption Points: 1

The bearer can tap and discard this item to heal a character in his company, changing his status from wounded to well AND untapped. Alternatively, the bearer can tap and discard this item to untap a character that is not wounded.

Sort of a portable haven for healing purposes. Better than the other option, Athelas, because it can untap the healee as well and doesn't need a Dunadan, but worse in other ways. Which one to use is your choice. This is basically a way to avoid having to go to havens as much. Now you can just use Healing Herbs on a wounded character and they're as good as new. Better, in fact, since they're untapped. You can use it on little companies, like Shadowfax and Gwaihir mandate, to give them a way to recover after an attack. But there's also another use for this card, a much better one in many cases. You can use it to just untap a tapped character. Basically like transferring a tap from one character to another, since the character using this is tapped instead. But now you can do another tapping effect with that character. In fact, if you get lucky and get three of these at once and give them to three different characters you can give a character FOUR taps in one turn. All those tapping abilities, like Saruman's, can now be re-used. Saruman's is a particularly good one, actually, giving you the ability to put FOUR spell cards into your hand if you tap him four times. But so are others. Like if you have a large supply of Gold Rings and want to test them all at once, use a succession of these on Gandalf. You can use it with Alatar to teleport him, survive an attack, and then untap him afterwards, to be able to use a wizard ability again that turn in his new site. Or if the new site's a haven, he can go there and then teleport again to another company. You can use all sorts of characters like this, re-using their tapping ability. Now if only there was a way to untap items... Anyway, overall Healing Herbs is a pretty good card, though more for its untapping ability then its healing one.
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