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Resource: Long-Event
Environment. Playable only if Gates of Morning is in play. Treat all Free-domains as Border-lands and all Border-lands as Wildernesses and all Shadow-lands as Wildernesses and all Dark-Domains as Shadow-lands. Cannot be duplicated.

This is a little different than most terrain changers in that it does both harm and good. It makes the free areas worse but makes the dark areas better. Almost as good at restoring the balance of light and dark in Middle-Earth as Twilight. It basically pushes all regions a step towards Wilderness. If this card could be duplicated you could make every terrain in Middle-Earth a wilderness (Radagast players, your dream has become a reality) except Coastal Seas. But it doesn't, so Free-domains and Dark-domains still aren't wilderness. But it dulls them to Border-lands and Shadow-lands. And, of course, you can make this semi-permanent with the Dragons card (featured in COTD 101E) Echo of All Joy. There are lots of uses for this. The first is, as I mentioned before, Radagast players. Now you get points for going everywhere except Mordor, Southern Mirkwood, the coast of Middle-Earth, and the smattering of five Free-domains (Lindon, The Shire, Anorien, Lebennin, and Belfalas) and get to draw an extra card for it. With Shadowfax this means you can cycle your deck in as little as four turns. And therefore end any game in sixteen. Plus of course there's just the basic safety feature. You can make Imlad Morgul a Wilderness and Gorgoroth a Shadow-land. Or for that matter any somewhat dangerous region lighter. In fact, all but 15 or so regions become wilderness. And the 5 free-domains don't really make much difference, since they're good, though they could be worse for your opponent, I suppose. Actually the opponent is another reason to use this card. No longer are there any safe havens of Free-domains for him to go to. Though that does affect you too. Finally, there's our good old friend Gwaihir, who can now travel anywhere but the former Dark-domains. Which of course you can help more by playing Moon with Doors of Night, making every single region in the game and therefore every single site accessible with Gwaihir. Though you'd still have to face the Mount Doom attacks because of the specific directions on the card that nothing can stop attacks keyed there. But you could play Fair Travels in Dark-Domains (or actually, Wilderness with this card in play) and a few other good enhancers like that to make it much less dangerous and your company of two characters much stronger. The only disadvantage of this card is that all its effects happen to both players. So you have to face more dangerous Free-domains and Border-lands and your opponent gets easier Shadow-lands and Dark-domains. Overall, Fog is a pretty nice card, one of the best terrain changers, though it does effect both you and your opponent.
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