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The Great Eagles

Resource: Eagle Faction
Marshalling Points: 3

Unique. Playable at Eagle's Eyrie if the influence check is greater than 9. Standard modifications: none.

Short text, short review. Not much to say about this card. Its main use is if you're up in Eagles' Eyrie anyway for Gwaihir or Eagle-Mounts and you want to get some more marshalling points while you're there. It's not a particularly great faction. 3 marshalling points, a fairly standard amount, though it's certainly nothing to sneeze at. The main difficulty is the 9 point minimum for the influence check. An excellent reason to use Muster here, since there are also no characters with bonuses for this (since Gwaihir's unfortunately an ally) unless you count Adrazar, who gets +1 to all factions. Other than that, it's just a good card if you happen to be up with the Eagles and have a Muster in your hand, but not that useful in a deck except for a theme one or as a sideboard card. That's about all I have to say about this card. Overall, The Great Eagles is an okay faction but can be hard to influence.

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