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Resource: Short-Event

Sage only during the site phase at an untapped site where "Information" is playable. Tap the sage and the site to search through your play deck and choose an item that you must reveal to your opponent. This item is placed in your hand and the play deck is reshuffled. The sage makes a corruption check.

Nice, but to me it seems a little overly confusing. This is not to criticize the designers, since there are reasons for it, it's just to note that fact. The basic effect, in fact the only one, is to let you pick an item from your deck and put it in your hand. Any item, just play this and it's yours. As I noted in its review, when used with Palantir of Annuminas this can make a great ring combo, using the Palantir to draw this and then Wizard's Test (or better yet, with a Dwarven Ring, Ringlore). This ability is, of course, incredibly good. You can use it to get out that unique One Ring so you can play it, or that Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe. You can use it for Palantiri. You can use it for other powerful items, too, like Sapling of the White Tree (or Wormsbane, a Dragons preview card I'm reviewing in an extra review on Sunday). This ability is an extremely good one. But then there's four different bad parts of this card. The first is the Information Playable part, since there aren't that many of those sites. The second is the site tapping part, since not only are there not very many Information sites there are even less once you play this. Of course, a wise combo is to play this, say at Weathertop, get out a Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe, go to a nearby information site like Dimrill Dale, use that to test a ring in your possession with Ringlore to get the Durin's ring, then go back to Weathertop and untap it. Still, a significant inconvenience. Then there's the item revealing. This doesn't matter that much in many cases, only a bit more than Pallando's view capability, but it can make a difference. If you draw The One Ring, your opponent will go on a desparate rush to either get it out first or play enough hazards to stop you from playing it (like Will of Sauron and Snowstorm to keep your company entirely blocked up). So try to make sure there's a Wilderness-free path to the nearest Gold Ring playable site from the Information one. Finally, there's the corruption check, which doesn't matter that much because one of the main sources of corruption points is items and you play this card to get items, so you probably don't have much item corruption before playing this. So overall, Far-Sight is a card with a very useful ability, but with significantly annoying enough restrictions to make caution advisable when playing it.
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