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The Lonely Mountain

Site: Ruins & Lairs
Region: Northern Rhovanion
Site path: Wilderness, Border-land, Border-land, Wilderness
Nearest Haven: Lorien
Cards Drawn: Opponent 2; You 2

Playable: Items (minor, major, greater, gold ring)
Automatic-Attacks: Dragon: 1 strike with 14 prowess

Doesn't seem that dangerous by itself, but with the automatic-attack and the cards readily playable there this becomes a site almost as bad as the Imlad Morgul ones. First the basics. It's an all-items-playable site, like Moria, but with less danger by its type. Nazgul can't be played here without Choking Shadows AND Fell Beast, a difficult combo to get out especially with all the cards normally needed with Nazgul anyway. The terrain is also safe, with only border-lands and wildernesses separating it from Wold and Foothills and from there all the "safe" regions and sites on the other side of the Misty Mountains. Also the card draws aren't that bad, two for you and your opponent. But the safety ends there. First there's the automatic-attack. 14 prowess, the highest of any of them. 1 strike, yes, but the 14 prowess makes up for it, almost as powerful as a Nazgul. And you face it every time you enter the site, even with Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe untapping it. There's also the area in general. This is the realm of the Dragons, bad enough now and once the expansion comes out worse than Mordor. Already one of the dragons is playable here without any enhancements, and so are the other three with Doors of Night out. Of course, the dragon playable here is Smaug, the main enemy in the Hobbit (though they did mention "The Necromancer" who later had his name changed to Sauron for LotR). As I said in issue 42, he's the best (or worst, if he's attacking your company) of the dragons. 17 prowess, the second highest in the game, and better then even a Fell Beasted Khamul (by 1 pt. Prowess, which I consider better than the 1 extra body Khamul has. With all the features, 2 strikes, attacker choosing defending characters, etc. And he's playable at The Lonely Mountain without even getting any enhancement, too. There's also the other three, less powerful than Smaug but still very dangerous (though Daelomin's the only other one, not counting Cave-Drake, that has attacker chooses defending characters) that are playable there with Doors of Night. So it could be nice to visit if Moria and the other less dangerous ones (there are a few others) are taken and you don't have Durin's ring, or if you opponent's got a killer Nazgul deck, but otherwise go somewhere else. There is one more option for it though: Burglaring. It's still very dangerous if you don't succeed, but if you have a spare Hobbit it's worth a try. Overall, The Lonely Mountain is a good site for items, but very dangerous.

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