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Fury of the Iron Crown

Hazard: Short-Event

Unique. May not be played if The Iron Crown is in play. The prowess of an attack by an Orc, Troll, Man or Nazgul creature is increased by +4. After the attack is resolved, if the creature is not a Nazgul: the creature is removed from play (defender recieves the marshalling points); and, in addition, if the defender has The Iron Crown in his hand, he may immediately play it with a character in the defending company.

It can be very nasty, so much so in fact that in some cases one of the uses for The Iron Crown is simply keeping this card away. It's even good with Orcs, Trolls, and Men, despite the negative effects, and it's great for Nazgul. With twice the enhancement of Morgul-Knife (though it doesn't have the corruption modifier) it's at least even with and possibly better than it. In fact, it's the highest creature prowess enhancer in the game, twice as much as the nearest competitors with +2 (and there aren't even that many of those). And with Nazgul there's not even a penalty for it. Try Khamul, Fell Beast and this, for instance, as an alternative to a Pale Sword/Witch-King combo. It's unique, unfortunately, but it's still useful when you do get it out (though you can't rely on getting it as much as some other cards). It's not as good, however, with Orcs, Trolls and Men. They get the +4, which can be useful with some of them, but when they've finished the attack your opponent gets the marshalling points. This is actually not that troublesome, since there aren't any attacks like that over 3 marshalling points (and the only one with three is Mouth of Sauron). And if you take down a powerful character with this you can lose them more marshalling points than they made (particularly the -3 ones like Elrond, where you can very well lose them a total of 4 or even 5 marshalling points). Plus there's no risk if you lose, because then they just get the marshalling points anyway. The immediate Iron Crown play isn't too bad, as you saw yesterday in its review. So you can actually use this with any of the cards, though some aren't that good. But try Abductor, for instance, for a 14-prowess attack with no body checks. Here's a great combo from Turin: Use it on Assassin, with Hoarmurath of Dir's special ability, for FOUR strikes (1 in 2 attacks and 2 in 1 attack) of 15 prowess each, all against the same character (a nice Wizard-killer). Or use it on the Brothers Grim (my name for Bert, Tom, and William, the three trolls near the beginning of The Hobbit) for extra bonuses with wounding. Any of the Nazgul, of course, benefit from this, making them anywhere from 19 to as high as 22 prowess. Helps to make up for Fell Beast's -2 and gives you extra as well. It can even make the Orcs a little less wimpy, as high as 15 prowess for an Orc-lieutenant on a company attacked by Orcs this turn. Or Orc-Guard for a 12-prowess attack with FIVE strikes. Overall, a very good card, the best prowess enhancer in the game with not even that much of a negative bonus (and none for Nazgul).

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