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Echo of All Joy

Resource: Permanent-Event (Dragons Preview)

Playable on a resource Long-Event if Doors of Night is not in play. Long- Event is not discarded as normal during a Long-Event phase. Discard Echo of All Joy and target Long-Event when any play deck is exhausted or when Doors of Night comes into Play.

The Will of Sauron for resources. Only affects one, yes, and it can't exist at the same time as the real Will of Sauron (because it can't have DoN and Will needs it) but still, you can finally lengthen Resource Long-Events. And it's non-unique, so you can have more than one extended if you want (and yet still freely play others you don't want to prolong, so in a way it's actually an improvement). Some examples: Clear Skies, for two extra prowess for all your characters permanently. Elf-Song, for a haven-based Tookish Blood (sort of). Fog and Moon can be lengthened, for a permanent safety net around some regions (still no sites though, irritating enough). But nice for Gwaihir (reviewing in a few days) players who want to get to Mount Doom WITHOUT EVEN GOING THROUGH DARK-DOMAINS OR DARK-HOLDS. If they made a helper or two for sites you could make Gorgoroth a Wilderness and Mount Doom a Ruins & Lairs. Anyway, another helped card is Lapse of Will for a permanent -3 to Nazgul. Sun is also a little nice. So there are several nicely helped cards. And unlike an idea, in a month or so this card will actually exist, and be usable to everyone. So overall, Echo of All Joy is a pretty nice card, something to look forward to in Dragons.

My rating for ECHO OF ALL JOY: 7.0

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