Taken directly from ICE's site http://www.ironcrown.com/ICESite/GamesInfo/MECCG/meas/announce.html

ICE announces the release of Middle-earth: Against the Shadow (tm)! Cards released from ICE distributors on Tuesday, September 16th. This is the first expansion packaged as a 12-card booster pack (MSRP is $3.25) with 2 RARE cards per booster! You also get 4 Uncommon and 6 Common cards in each booster pack. Against the Shadow features new cards that improve the play of Ringwraith vs Wizard games.

Check your stores for this exciting card set! This newest expansion for use with Middle-earth: The Lidless Eye(tm) and Middle-earth: The Wizards (tm) totals 170 cards. You can get the complete card list and card text here on our site. Soon, we will be offering the option to view some sample cards from Against the Shadow.